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Torah Portion This Week May/June- 2022,Sivan, 5782

Parshat Bamidbar, B'midbar Dvar Torah

Point 20 Different translations, connotations. Frequently I will read a word in the Torah that pauses my reading. In this case, the word was (root נָשִׂיא) princes, and I couldn't remember anyone referred to by name as being a prince. 

JPS B'midbar (Numbers)1:16 "These were the elect of the congregation, the princes of the tribes of their fathers. Jastrow defines the word "נָשִׂיא" as chief, magistrate, leader, or president. Klein Dictionary defines it the same, leaving out "magistrate" and adding "prince." 

An Artscroll Tanach uses the word "leader." The TLV uses the word "princes." The CJB uses the word "chiefs." 

Although not referred to by name, we have someone referred to in Isaiah 9:6 as someone who would be called the prince of peace, sar shalom, until eternity. I saw in an Artscroll Tanach footnote that this was Hezekiah, and my footnote is that this prince is our Moshiach, Yeshua, written about in Isaiah 53. 


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22. Central Theme Organization and Logistics.  Probably because of my very slight arithmomania, I was wondering how in Numbers 1:20-46 the Israelites counted and recorded the numbers in the tens of thousands and higher!

I never found the answer, but I do know that HaShem didn't need a tool to do his subtraction in his conversation with Abraham in Genesis 18:28.

During my research, I did find multiplication done by (root נָשִׂיא), leaders of Israel in Numbers 7:84-86.   Plus HaShem instructed Moses to do some division in Numbers 31:27. Surprisingly, there were even fractions such as a half, Genesis 24:22, two-tenths Numbers 15:6, and a fourth, Exodus 29:40.


Point 14 Surprise. Numbers 1:17- 44 The sons of all the tribes, except for the sons of Levi, 20 years old and older were to be counted. Numbers 3:15 The sons of Levi were counted a month old and older, but not among the other tribes. 

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Point 14 Surprise Numbers 1:46 There were more than 603,000 men plus women and children. Maybe it wouldn't be difficult for Moses to give instructions to the leaders I mentioned previously, but how did the leaders communicate with the 35,000+ men? Maybe they charged their phones with solar panels and sent texts or bulk emails? 

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Point 7. Recipient of communication
Numbers 1:3 Hashem told Moses to number the men for war. 
Would I tell the people the purpose of the numbering? 
The thought of my having to turn men who had grown up in slavery into soldiers would be something I would be concerned about. 
I would be concerned with the thought of future casualties.

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Point 1 - What I learned about HaShem. Really a reinforcement. That he can enable the most unlikely person or people to accomplish goals that they themselves could never imagine. Think about how HaShem has put you in the right place at the right time to help accomplish his will. Would you have thought when you were a new believer that he would use you in that capacity?


Point 23 Repetition

Exodus 38:26 Mentions the same number 603,550 for everyone who was recorded for giving the gold for the work of the sanctuary. The same exact number that we find in this Parsha in Numbers 1:46.